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Results & Testimonials

Results have shown that the IDL solution provides effective, specialist support to overcome dyslexic difficulties and improve literacy skills.
Studies have shown an average improvement as 10 months in reading and 11 months in spelling after only 26 hours on the IDL programme. ​
Many students make much more rapid progress - in some cases showing an improvement in their reading or spelling by as much as 2 years after 26 hours on IDL.

Benefits of the IDL System:

My son came on in leaps and bounds. He started your programme with no confidence and little interest in his work, he now loves it and his teachers are thrilled with his progress! ​ A Manchester parent​
Our daughter was fast losing confidence and her behaviour was deteriorating before we found IDL. She was three years behind in reading and a year behind in spelling. After only 3 months her attitude changes and she began to enjoy school. ​ A parent from Lymm
I can't thank you enough for empowering my daughter to learn and to believe she can do it. Not only has her work improved hugely but her confidence in herself is restored. Thank you. ​ A parent from Cheshire
The reassessment provided amazing results, he has improved by 11 months in his spelling, and the same in his reading results.Very impressive, we retested to make sure it was correct! (After working for 2 hours a week for 1.5 terms, totalling 22 hours tuition.) ​ A Cheshire teacher speaking to a parent