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To fulfil certain criteria, a formal assessment is often required. The Dyslexia Support Centre is now able to provide the following assessments. This is an assessment for those who require a diagnosis of dyslexia. It will provide a detailed and in depth knowledge of the Specific Learning Difficulties that they might have.

As a result of the assessment, a report will be prepared detailing the results of the tests; a summary of the student’s learning profile including their strengths and weaknesses. It will also contain recommendations, a teaching plan to give to their school which will indicate how best to enable the student to progress as a learner and what short term and long term targets that they might be expected to achieve.

Assessment for Access Arrangements

This formal assessment is necessary for students who require extra time or who would qualify for an exam reader or scribe to assist them in their external examinations (known as Access Arrangements). We can provide this assessment service to schools /learning centres, or privately for parents / students.

For the student to qualify for Access Arrangements at GCSE/A-level/GNVQ/NVQ/ the report must be carried out while the student is currently studying at their present centre (i.e. school or college) where the external examinations will take place.

For the student to qualify for Access Arrangements at Degree level, the student can undertake an assessment before entering or during their time at University. This will provide Access Arrangements for their duration of their chosen course.

For schools and learning centres.

From Sept. 2014, JCQ centre inspectors will expect to see assessment evidence on JCQ Form 8. The JCQ regulations now state that ‘All specialist assessors must use Form 8, Section C, to record the results of their assessment’ (JCQ paragraph 7 6.3, page 88). Qualified assessors can be an educational psychologist of a specialist teacher who holds an ‘Assessment Practicing Certificate’ (APC).

JCQ are now looking for assessors and centres to work together in order to form a joined up process that will enable students to demonstrate their true ability. We are in a position to be able to offer a high, quality and professional service in order to help learning centres meet the new JCQ regulations.

Assessment for The Disabled Student Allowance

Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs) provide extra financial help if you want to study a higher education course and have a disability such as Dyslexia.

You can apply if you are completing an undergraduate or postgraduate course (including a distance-learning course) that is:

Assessments provided can be used as evidence to apply for DSAs. However, assessments are only valid for this purpose when they have been conducted on an individual over the age of 16.

Adult Diagnostic Assessment

If you are an adult and believe that you have dyslexia. A comprehensive diagnostic report can help you in numerous ways:

It can give help and guidance when applying for jobs.

It can help your employer to contact 'Access to Work' to request a workplace needs assessment.

We can provide support and guidance for both the employer and employee throughout their employment.

It can also help to gain concessions whilst completing your driving test.