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Welcome to Dyslexia Support - Warrington


Warrington Dyslexia Support Centre works in association with a number of primary and secondary schools in the area. We also offer support to individuals outside of school hours. We opened on the 1st September 2013, and have recently moved to our new base at the Tim Parry & Jonathan Ball Peace Centre in Great Sankey. We provide private tuition on the specialised IDL programme and formal dyslexia assessments. Dyslexia diagnosis is not necessary to participate in the tuition programme, it is designed to help any student with reading and spelling difficulties, and is developed around successfully proven dyslexia techniques.

 We operate weekly sessions specifically designed to assist those students with reading and spelling difficulties or those diagnosed with dyslexia.

We use the specialised structured IDL Programme which has proven results and has secured Lottery based funding due to its success.

We are also able to carry out formal assessments to diagnose Dyslexia and to provide a detailed report for schools to work from. Assessments for access arrangements (examination support and extra time in exams) and disabled student allowance (DSA) assessments are also now available. Please see our assessments page.

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